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CSL Connection is a 100% virtually run business that uses innovative means to represent our clients with maximum results.


Through advances in technology and with the changes of the time we have pivoted our business model to provide an opportunity for those who would rather work from home.

While this aspect of our business was founded in 2020 to adjust to the new world climate, our business model has been around for over 30 years throughout 20 countries and our long-standing relationships with Fortune 100-500 has been stronger than ever. We aim to continually advance ourselves by nurturing client relations and to provide above average service by exceeding the goals set for us. Our methods of doing so have been through the relationships that we build with our team and the open communication that we encourage.

By coming together and working as a unit we know that anything is possible.

That is why we only promote from within, to ensure that those in leadership can effectively guide the group to success through their knowledge, experience, and proven track record. While our headquarters is based in Wisconsin, we employ people all over the country and provide opportunities for advancement in this new industry of remote work.

As far as the future of CSL, we plan on expanding our team continuously with the idea that as our team grows so does our impact on the market.

The remote industry is booming, and companies are realizing the cost efficiency to outsourcing their work force. We are not a staffing agency, instead we hire people directly and offer certain individuals the chance to cross-train between clients when the need arises. Due to our expansion and the fact that we only promote from within there are a lot of opportunities for advancement in our business. More and more we are noticing that as our current clients are growing, other ones are reaching out to us to be a part of this expansion. We plan on creating a positive footprint in this industry by developing teams that set themselves apart from others. We are doing this through the relationships we build with one another and the quality in our teamwork. If everyone is on the same page, then we can all work towards accomplishing our goals together.

John Jones


Madeleine Reuter

Administration Specialist/HR